TP-Link TL-WPA4220KIT Powerline Extenders Review – Internet Via Cable

 Powerline network has a Point A and Point B

Create a network LAN and WIFI can utilise the electrical wiring in the home. Electrical wiring in the home is usually available in a variety of places.How to solutions with WIFI signal, and unable to reach in one place aka blankspots.But we don’t take alternatives with a LAN cable because it should make and additional installation.Why not take the power cord at home as an internet network. Another solution is to make the network is a network of Powerline.

 Electrical wiring in the House already installed properly, and reach out to the rest of the room. We can benefit from the power cable at home and made a ride line network to the internet.For example, a home or building 3 floors are generally the top floor trouble gettingWIFI signal.Development of a Powerline there are already some years ago but in standardise 5-6 last year. At the beginning of the development called the AV to AV2.

Device to the internet like WIFI Router, cable modem router, ADSL router or Fibre Optic routers. Can be connected with cables to the tool ensures that the UTO to reach out further internet connection inside the home. Where the place has power and still be in one line. Allows the installation of the internet with Powerline systems.

The workings of the internet network by Powerline power cord

Describe it like this. Connecting a computer with a cable to the Router for the internet unit called LAN. Or connect your computer to the Network HUB unit with cable UTP called LAN HUB.There is a connecting cable as a Word, and the Word was wired into the power cord.The workings of the Powerline, using electrical wiring cable UTP network instead. Because using the power cord, it takes a special tool for the data sender and receiver data into Powerline (although practice there is 2-way communication).

Simply put here called like this, there are a Point A and Point b.

Powerline network requires a separate 2 point connection.
Point an as Powerline data distribution centre through power lines to send data to the internet. Observers were deployed to A point one unit along with the Router. Or paired with the ethernet cable when the place was installed differently.
Point B, also known as Station, which receives signals from Point A Number of PointB can be more than one. From Point B is connected back to the LAN or WIFI signal.And accepted by the device such as a computer, smartphoneWIFI Extender, networking HUB or Access Point.
Some alternative network networking that can be made at home as below:
  • LAN UTP cable using the networking from one point to another point. Most connections are good but need wiring and installation.
  • WIFI uses radio signals to open spaces. Distance the signal depending on the design of the room until it reaches Point b. When blocked then the WIFI signal will be lost.
  • Powerline using power cable, or LAN network hitchhike to the House electrical wiring and reach to the entire room. Cable lines the further constraints may slow the speed of data transfer.
For speed. TP-Link has several product variants Powerline adapter. From the model, AV2000 AV1200, AV1000 and who reviewed this time AV500 model version of the budget.Follow standard HomePlug Powerline and speed AV500Mbps 500Mbps on track power cable.
Pack TP-Link TLWPA4220KIT granted 2 units for Starter Kit (installation unit). TL-PA4010 as Point A (LAN) and the TL-WPA4220 (LAN + WIFI) as Point B.
  1. The unit left was TL-PA4010 that receives the signal from the LAN router and forwarding to the electrical wiring in the home (Point A)
  2. TL-WPA4220-right units that receive signals from the electricity network and forwarded into the LAN and WIFI signal (Point B)

One package is already complete for the start, just installed as Powerline Extender tools. Live plug, press and the street. Whether it will be coupled with Point B to another, to be placed in different places are certainly not a problem. During his time in the House has electric power connector panels and units of the same standard. Minimum required 2 tools as 1 Point A and Point B 1.

Specifications Of TP-Link WPA4220KIT

Plug TypeEU, UK, US, AR
Standards and ProtocolsHomePlug AV, IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u, IEEE802.11b/g/n
Interface2*10/100Mbps Ethernet Port
ButtonPair, Reset, Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi Clone
Power ConsumptionMaximum: 7.608W (220V/50Hz)
Typical: 7.216W (220V/50Hz)
Standby: 4.610W (220V/50Hz)
LED IndicatorPWR, PLC, ETH, Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi Clone
Dimensions ( W x D x H )3.7 x 2.1 x 1.6 in. (94×54×40mm)
Range300 Meters over electrical circuit
Signal Rate11n: Up to 300Mbps(dynamic)
11g: Up to 54Mbps(dynamic)
11b: Up to 11Mbps(dynamic)
Reception Sensitivity270M: [email protected]% PER
130M: [email protected]% PER
108M: [email protected]% PER
54M: [email protected]% PER
11M: [email protected]% PER
6M: [email protected]% PER
1M: [email protected]% PER
Wireless Security64/128-bit WEP / WPA / WPA2,WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK
Advanced FunctionsEnable/DisableWireless Radio,WMM, Wireless Statistics
Transmission PowerCE:<20dBm(2.4GHz)
Modulation TechnologyOFDM (PLC)
EncryptionPowerline Security:
128-bit AES
Wireless Security:

Mounting diagram Powerline Adapter

How Powerline connection system, can be seen in the picture below.

  • Unit TP-Link TLPA4010 paired near Router WIFI Modem/Router or Router FO. Connected by LAN cable UTP and TL-PA4010 electric connectors are fitted to the home.
  • The signal from the TL-PA410 will spread to the rest of the electrical wiring. And captured/received by tool TL-WPA4220. Of this tool was changed to Powerline signal LAN or WIFI, in order to give internet access to notebooks, computers, and the smartphone over WIFI


 Powerline cable lines like the image below where all the electrical wires can be a liaison to the Powerline devices.
From the information above. Now you can understand how does Powerline networking TP-Link WPA4220KIT. Where data transfer network and the internet can cross on the electrical wiring of the House.
Before further discussing the TP-Link TLWPA4220KIT Powerline adapter. Please note the Powerline technology has advantages and disadvantages.

The weakness of the Powerline network

  • Powerline can be utilised to create a network of the internet/LAN at home. But not for speed, but rather the solution to make the network internet at home.
  • Using the electrical wiring in the home allows a data transfer speed of interruption occurs.
  • The power grid into a ride system Powerline LANS can be interrupted other power tools. Avoid installing the Powerline devices are connected to the use of large currents and cause noise. Examples connector electrical equipment near to water pump, fan, washing machine, air conditioner, power supply switching, charger adapter type and more.
  • Suggested Powerline device is mounted directly to the electrical connector.
  • The Impact of Noise on the power line at home can reduce the range and speed powerline networking.
  • Not recommended for home electricity network 3 phase. Other barriers, cable lines that traversed would have to pass on some of the circuit breakers is not necessarily well affordable by the Powerline signal. Unless you know the blueprint installation cable. Tool Circuit breaker (fuse) may decrease the speed of the data sent between two devices. A simple example, electricity networks 1 and 2 floors likely have to go through 2 or 3 Circuit Breaker.
  • The quality of the power supply unit can affect the performance of Powerline
  • The distance of the cables, the further causes its transfer Point A to Point B in the powerline system getting slow.
  • Powerline network users are advised to use only one brand.
  • Don’t expect to connect between two Powerline devices to your home next to or the opposite. We have already tried Powerline network and cannot be captured by a device when the signal must pass through an electrical pole.

Powerline network advantages

  • Powerline devices are very easy to setup.
  • The installation is very easy, press the button and the system is already running with the Default mode (model TP-LINK WPA4220).
  • Powerline can be moved, as long as the electrical connectors are available with the same cable line.
  • Ideally the connection between devices directly connected to the same cable between point A and B to the maximum transfer speed
  • Distance 300 meters reach theory cable length 100 meters between practice or less.But it allows extra distance when aided by WIFI Extender
  • Electrical wiring in the home can reach into the corners of the room, the possibilities of the tool can reach areas that cannot be reached WIFI signals.
  • Standard connection type AV 500 with a speed of 500Mbps not for speed. Because half of the data packets are used for physical Data (internet), and disturbance on the power cord.
  • Powerline Network can be a solution when WIFI and LAN are not likely to use.
  • When you need a higher transfer speed, it can use a standard higher like Powerline models AV1200 + faster.



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