Tips Increase Performance RAM On Your Android Smartphone

ram performance

Some smartphone releases now complete with kapasitan RAM. But it is precisely with the greater RAM capacity, smartphone users quite inconsiderate in installing the application so that the load performance of RAM becomes slow.

RAM or random access memory function to store a variety of data from an application that is still active. That way, the application can be accessed quickly by the processor. Or in other words, the RAM is temporary storage space that makes users able to access many things and make your smartphone be multitasking.

If your smartphone is already showed symptoms begin to slow, e.g.when opening some applications the process long enough it could be your RAM smartphone has begun to narrow.

If such signs are already visible in your favorite smartphone, try some of the following tips to maximize the performance of your smarphone RAM back.

  • Disable widgets and Live Wallpapers

Often we use Live Wallpapers and widgets in addition to beautify the look of our favorite smartphones. But did you know if widgets and live wallpapers spent space RAM at most. Instead of becoming more beautiful use of precisely the wiget and live wallpapers will make your smarphone performance becomes slow. In addition often refresh the device also will drain the battery usage.

  • Close unused Applications

Some applications do indeed wear a considerable capacity of RAM, although such applications are not in use. Therefore, you selectively choose which application a priority to remain must be active on the back of the system and which ones should be close.

In doing so, the performance of the smartphone will increase. To disable an application, you can go to Settings, then select the Application Manager menu. Next, you will enter into a list of all the applications that are installed on Android.

But do occasionally to turn off all applications. Try to just select the application that was rarely used, or if it’s never used better remove it or uninstall applications in intent.

  • Disable the Animations on your Smartphone.

Animation in smartphones often consume a lot memory RAM resource. Disable animations on a smartphone is also a surefire steps to increase the performance of RAM on your smartphone. The trick is pretty easy, go to the settings menu then select About Phone. Next tap the Build Number about seven times to give mobile phone notificationthat the user is already a developer.

Once this section is completed, you can go to the phone Settings, then scroll down to find the Developer Options. next, you can enter the Drawing section and uncheck that option. Some of the options that can be turned off in between is Windows animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animation duration scale.

With the three tips above guaranteed performance of your favourite smartphone will increase dramatically. It is because the space RAM your Smartphone is now becoming more relief so that there are no longer guaranteed term hangs or slow.

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