Office Automation System

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Office Automation System

Definition of Office Automation System

Office Automation System was defined by O’Brien (1996) as an information system based on telecommunication which include activities of gathering, processing, saving, and distributing messages, documents, and other electronic communication among individual, workgroups, or organizations. Office automation system consist of: 1. electronic communication system, 2. electronic collaboration system, 3. electronic publishing and image processing system, 4. office management system, that explained on the diagram below


Explanation of Office Automation System

  1. Electronic Communication System

Electronic communication system is an information technology system that used for communicating among individual, groups, or organizations. This system can increase the effectiveness of communication system that usually did in conventional ways, for example: hand – writing letter. This system also able to improve efficiency level in paper documents usage. Parts of technology that included in this system are e – mail, facsimile, and Bulletin Board System.

Electronic mail (or usually called as e – mail) is a part of communication advancement. Nowadays, communication between people inside of organizations can be done by sending e – mail through intranet network; meanwhile for long distance communication of e – mail, it can be done through internet network.

Voice mail is a variation of e – mail system. This system is using sound / voices not a text or written messages. Facsimile or usually abbreviated as fax is a document communication (sending file or document) by using telephone network.

Bulletin Board System is a site in the internet network that can be saved on site and can be accessed, and copied by people. Bulletin Board System (or BBS) is usually used and applied in electronic news media.


2. Electronic Collaboration System

Collaboration is different with communication. If communication is only emphasizing on information or message exchange, collaboration is not only about information or message exchange. Nevertheless, collaboration is more emphasizing about how the information or messages can be used for teamwork, which it means that teamwork is meeting together, solving problem together, or long distance teaching for learning and studying activities together. Parts of technology that included in this electronic collaboration system are Teleconference and telecommuting.

Teleconference is a conference through voice or video interactively among conference participants in different places at the real time. Telecommuting is an electronic collaboration which used by an employee or person who working at home without any presence to the office.


3. Electronic Publishing and Image Processing System

Electronic publishing system is applying information technology for necessity of printed document arrangement. Electronic publishing, nowadays, not only including on text but also including in pictures or images. There are systems that applying electronic publishing system, i.e.: desktop publishing, electronic document management, graphics presentation, and multimedia presentation.

Desktop publishing is about applying information technology by using desktop in document arrangement. The users of the information technology system usually use word processing program for desktop publishing.

Electronic Document Management (or usually abbreviated as EDM) is document saving system that create image database and can be accessed and re – processed. For example, a basic document from company transaction, in this case, there is sales order document that recorded by Sales Department and can be accessed by other departments if need some document information. Warehouse Department; for example; if they need to prepare the goods they can be easily checking at the recorded document and Delivery Department also able to accessing the document for final checking if the delivered goods has been similar with the inquiry or the order mail.

Graphics presentation is about application of graphic to be displayed in presentation. Different with graphic presentation, which is more emphasizing about graphics for presentation, multimedia presentation, is not only presenting about graphic, moreover, multimedia presentation is possible to display any media, i.e.: text, graphics, photo, voice / sounds , and videos.


4. Office Management System

Office management system is an office automation system which is supporting in the organizing work activities in a organization. This system was used in desktop accessories supporting tools, for example: calculator, calendar, clock, notepad, contact list, and agendas. Electronic scheduling system help the user to manage their timework schedules, electronic scheduling system also helping as a meeting reminder, meeting schedule manager and meeting recorder.

Indirectly, this office automation system is very helpful for everybody to manage their work. If this system can save time for efficiency, it is not possible if the work performance can be better, and the advancement of technology must be improved and developed more to help the lifestyle of people. The electronic system should be spread well in order to help people to communicate easily and it will be a good movement if they can do their job by multitasking by the help of the system that improved day by day. All communication among individual, workgroup or organizations also can be reached easily and transparently.


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