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An intranet is similar to the Internet, where there is a kind of Intranet in a collection of documents that are connected via hyperlinks. However, documents that are in the Intranet are private and often can only be accessed by computers that are on a LAN or over the Internet with a web address information, the appropriate login and password. To create an Intranet, you need a network, server, and content related to your organization.

Things you need: Local Area Network (LAN), web Server, web Browser, the design of intranets, storage for backup servers, Antivirus, documents, forms, and other content, web designers, marketing plan.



1. Create a Local Area network (LAN) in your home or Office. This means connecting a computer, printer, modem, and other gadgets. To create a LAN, you must have at least 2 computers. Use the Network Interface Card (NIC) to make the connection on your LAN. NIC is hardware that you can insert into Your computer motherboard to add ports that are capable of setting up a network. Enter your crossover cable into port NIC. These cables make your computer is able to “communicate.” Connect the modem, printer, gadgets and other equipment with a computer to complete Your computer network.

2. Choose a web server. Consider the cost, performance, and reliability of several different server for comparison. You may consider using personal web server if you’re setting up Intranet home. Personal web server is a software that you can download to your computer to create an Intranet in your home.

3. Install a web browser. Your Intranet pages can only be viewed if you are using a web browser that is installed on the computers in your network.

4. Shape your Intranet. Think about the look and content of your Intranet that later will you upload. If you are a company that makes an Intranet, you might be able to hire a web designer or select a team from your management to design your Intranet

Think about what type of information you want to insert into your Intranet. Some common things such as organizational structure, staff list, wiki pages, calendar, documents are distributed and used, and a message board. Draw a sequence of your Intranet at the paper, including the homepage and Intranet web pages because you want all this is shown in the menu on Your Intranet site. Make a menu that represents big your Intranet page. the menu should exist on every page in order to make it easy for users to go from one page to another page and back to the homepage. Make sure the menu links to all your pages.

5. think about the security of your Intranet. Determine if all or a portion of an Intranet that you create must protect it with a password and if the staff will be able to access the company’s Intranet via the Internet when they’re away from the Office. If you create an Intranet at home, specify any family members who have access to the Intranet of your home.

6. Decide how often you will do a backup on your Intranet as a protection against virus and failure of the server.

7. Keep your Intranet and protect from viruses and damaged documents. Upload antivirus software on Your computer network to perform a virus scan on your system. and don’t forget to update your Antivirus regularly to keep your Intranet from the latest viruses.

8. Market Your company on the staff Intranet. Recommend the use of your new Intranet by creating several processes that are entirely electronically, such as recording work time, vacation time.

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