6 unique ways of unlocking your Screen Android Smartphone

Given the time spent on someone getting high smartphone joint. There must be an easier way and safe to unlock screen Android smartphone you except with access codes, PIN, passwordor pattern.

Fortunately, now there have been many Android smartphones equipped with the technology of fingerprint sensors, but sometimes still love error if our hands are dirtyor wet. So back again need to enter a PIN, passwordor patterns to unlock screen smartphone.
The good news is that Android offers a series of clever ways to open the device youwithout access code or by way of unique opens smartphones cherished you. Curious? Want To Know? Listened to Yes!
1. How to Unlock the screen Smartphone with body movement
New smartphone some time also goes into the pocket of the pants or the bag, but we need to use the smartphone back to do something. Very troublesome if must unlock the screen continuously.
Thankfully it turns out there’s an easier way, using the feature the detection of the body“. Where you can keep open while the smartphone when smartphone is taken from a pocket or purse, not very practical?
To enable these features really easy kok, open Settings > > Smart Security Lock and select the On-body detection and enable.
But there are drawbacks, i.e. anyone can unlock smartphone through the detection of movement. So if you‘re really paranoid about security, you better rely on a fixedpasscode PIN or fingerprint.
2. How to unlock Smartphone with Location
If the first way, it is kind of vulnerable anyway, but the second is more secure. You can remove the lock screen while, in certain locations, such as home and Office.
How to open Settings > Security > Smart Lock > Trusted places and add a location,you can add more than one place.
After that, you can open the smartphone with ease with a range of 80 meters. Very useful if you live alone or you work in an Office with colleagues who can be trusted.
3. How to unlock Smartphone with an E-ID CARD
In addition to using the site, you can also connect the smartphone to your device that you believe. Like the Bluetooth speakers or using NFC, for example you can open up a smartphone with the disposable E-ID CARD.
How to open Settings > Security > Smart Lock > Trusted devices and add the trusted device.
4. How to open the Lockscreen with sound
Another way to let your smartphone recognizes its owner was using the vote. Yes, specificallyyou can set your smartphone to listen to you.
To use this feature, you must install the previous Google Now. You can designate opens smartphones by saying “OK Google” to unlock your smartphone without touching it.
How to open Settings of the Smart Lock > > Trusted Voice, then follow the instructions to set up your Android device you own to open when I heard you say “OK Google”.
5. Opens smartphones and applications using Faces
Using the key the screen alone is not enough. You must also provide an extra layer of security, namely by way of locking up critical applications one by one.
IObit Applock is application that allows you to secure the confidentiality of personalized applications. With lock certain applications, be it with a pattern, PIN, or Face Lock-based artificial intelligence. Further, you can read the article here.
6. Unlock The Screen Smartphone Use Hand Gestures
To unlock the screen Android smartphone use hand gestures we will rely on application called GestureLock. With this application, you can open the smartphone just by doing a movement. Cool right, interested to try? Further you can read the article below.

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