“TrackR Bravo” The Small Sophisticated Device For Lost Tracker

 “TrackR Bravo” 

What is TrackR Bravo?

TrackR Bravo is a flat circular device with a diameter of 2.5 cm equipped with GPS feature (Global Positioning System) which serves as a tracking tool for the existence of goods developed by developers from the United States. This device can be placed like a keychain, taped to an object, or stored in a pocket or wallet. With the help of mobile phones, we will always be able to track the existence of these important items.

How to operate TrackR Bravo?

TrackR Bravo is equipped with GPS (Global Positioning System) and to connect with smartphones, its users simply install the app that has been provided on Google Play for Android phone or Apple App Store for iPhone or iPad. Later, after configured with a smartphone then the next user needs to charge the battery TrackR Bravo first. After that TrackR Bravo, paste on important objects or anything that has the possibility of missing/tucked and if the object is lost or forgotten to save it then the user can immediately sound the alarm from the smartphone.

For example, when we lose a school bag that has been pasted TrackR Bravo, we simply press the ‘find device’ icon in the TrackR Bravo mobile app. The application will automatically show the existence of your lost bag.

TrackR Bravo can be used on pets

In addition to being used for finding objects, TrackR Bravo can also be used to search for our pet.

What if a mobile phone is missing?

The tracking system will be working conversely. We simply press the button on the TrackR Bravo device, then our phone will sound after successfully detected. After that, we just follow the source of the sound alone to find the existence of the lost phone earlier.

The features provided by TrackR are as follows:

  1. Distance indicator: This is to tell the distance of a missing object with our location.
  2. Item ringer: this is what makes the TrackR device sound if we are looking for it.
  3. Phone finder: which serves to find the existence of the phone with the help of TrackR device alarm.
  4. Crowd GPS: useful for finding lost items out of reach using GPS from two or more of the same TrackR devices.
  5. Separation alert: sound an alarm when the goods are separated from the range.

Besides TrackR Bravo, TrackR also develops TrackR Sticker and TrackR Wallet.

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