Application of Information Technology on Military Sector

Mankind has made great progress. One of the reasons is the rapid advancement in the field of computers, which is one of the important things in information technology. Today information technology has touched every aspect of human life. Information technology is not only used in the field of industry or economy, but also in the military especially in strategic planning. The rapid advancement of information technology is applied in a concept called Information Warfare which becomes an important foundation for the development of military technology in the future. Information technology will greatly affect the change of military strategy. Strategically, information warfare has an important meaning because the information system is related to society. Thus humans are no longer the main target in the war but information. This is why many governments or organizations spend millions and even billions of dollars to form organizations in order to collect and process information about everything related to threats to their security. In the absence of information it can lead to failure especially in the military field. In planning military operations, a defense strategy is the basis for preventing attacks or minimizing damage by taking account of defense forces to prevent enemies from conquering the territory. In terms of commander, Information Technology can accelerate the delivery of information so as to shorten the time in decision making. In terms of troops, Information Technology serves to assist troops in obtaining information at the right time and place so that troops become more flexible in the move. In the military field, the application of information technology is used to control weapons and bullets. In addition, information technology can be used for coding and shipping operations, for navigation of ships and submarines, to conduct battle simulations, and to send secret military codes. With the mastery of knowledge in the field of information technology, the enemy can be conquered through means in the form of computer technology. For example, the use of artificial intelligence programs to simulate enemy formation and strength allows attacks to be more effective with a high level of success. It is not just military organizations that have used Information Technology, terrorists have used Information Technology as one of their weapons. Terrorism has used new media such as the internet to communicate, either fellow terrorists or to seek followers. With the internet, terrorist actors seem to have a pretty good educational background and internet use.

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