Aerostar TUAV : Drone , Reliable Air Reconnaissance Squadron

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By setting the conditions and challenges in the Middle East region forcing Israel into the power of the number one technology in the development of drones / UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). US-backed Israeli drone vendor involvement as IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries), Elbit and Aeronautics Defense Systems until now has spawned several popular types of drones like Heron, Searcher, Scout, Hermes and Aerostar. Not even a few variants drone combatants, UCAV (Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle), which has been directly involved in military operations.


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Aerostar Air Force, seems not installed sensor devices and cameras.

Aerostar in cargo box, before assembled.

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Renowned research institute Frost and Sullivan in 2013 reveal the sales of Israeli drones during the last eight years has reached a value of US $ 4.6 billion, and the contract value was believed skyrocketed. Because of its focus on the drone industry, large countries such as Germany, the US, Russia, and India became the drones made by Israel. Israel’s status is now a reference country for the drones, indirectly has captivated Indonesia (TNI) to participate in the production of Israeli drones.

Since 2012, hype gembar arrival Israeli drones began lively discussion in the country, was the Indonesia will acquire four units that have the ability Heron MALE (medium altitude long endurance), but over time, there was no sighting Heron in Indonesia. There is a less than ideal Heron assumption used in Indonesia, given the dimensions of the aircraft is too large.


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Heron In addition, there is another type of drone is juxtaposed go into Indonesia, such as Aerostar and Searcher MK II is touted already have to come to BAIS in 2012. Well, from both of them, until now only artificial Aeronautics Defense Systems Aerostar that his form has shown to the public, complete the UAV Wulung of BPPT and PT DI (Dirgantara Indonesia) on Air Squadron 51 in Lanud Supadio, Pontianak, West Kalimantan. Because there is no trade relations and diplolamatik between Indonesia and Israel, Aerostar procurement conducted via intermediaries Philippine Kital Corp.

Aerostar TUAV
By manufacturing the so-called Aerostar TUAV (Tactitcal Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). There tactitcal identity based role as executor of the role of intelligence, air surveillance, and target acquisition. Armed with the ability MALE, these drones can perform reconnaissance and intelligence tasks in real time on a wide coverage in a long time.


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For the control system, as well as drones Wulung, the control unit Aerostar made of GCS (Ground Control Station), the mechanism can be done remotely through the LoS (Line of Sight) up to a distance of 200 km, can also run the automatic mode by utilizing the GPS waypoint. And of course for remote operation common to rely on the facilities of the satellite data link. While supporting komunukasi between GCS supplied air with directional antennas and multi-channel data link system made Commtact.



Historically, Aerostar began to enter official service in 2000. As a premier provider is Israel’s duty police monitor traffic congestion, identification missions krminalitas to search for the missing. In general can be called Aerostar can be used for civilian and military purposes. Although not armed, drones in combat often used artillery fire adjustment, the target designation, and the border area supervisor. Problem ability can not be doubted, Aerostar equipped propeller engines are capable of operating in all weather conditions, including at night.


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Navigation devices on the Ground Control Station Aerostar.

Israel AB Aerostar operator control of GCS.

These can Aerostar in the automatic settings through the waypoint.

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Sensors and electronic devices that can be brought in character can be customized as desired operator. With the provision of up to 50 kg payload, sensors that can be taken include the types of electro optic (EO) and infrared sensors / FLIR (Forward Looking Infra Red). EO sensor converts light rays into electronic signals to capture the image in real time. When airborne, Aerostar has the capability of automatic identification systems, provision of VHF / UHF, vertical stabilizer, Umas digital flight control systems, and hands-on throttle and stick control system. Remote payload control system located at the bottom of the body into which the receiver aircraft command and control over the entire operation.

GCS antennas on connecting communication to the Aerostar drones.

Aerostar Nigeria.

Aerostar also easily mobilized by truck.

When required, Aerostar can also be fitted with a radar type of synthetic aperture radar (SAR), signals intelligence (SIGINT) and communications intelligence (COMINT). Talk about runway, Aerostar equipped 498i Zanzottera single engine two-stroke boxer is capable of producing 28kW. Machines equipped with electronic fuel injection for the correction performance of the machine in flying height and temperature changes, all of which support the fly for a long time, theoretically Aerostar can fly continuously over 12 hours at an altitude of 18,000 feet (about 5486 meters).

Selainn used Indonesia and the Israeli military, Aerostar also used Russia, Nigeria, and Poland. Problem of operating experience, in addition to supporting the mission of the Israeli operation, in 2010 Aerostar also involved in reconnaissance duties in Afghanistan. In Southeast Asia, in addition to Indonesia, Thailand is also known to operate Aerostar. With its dimensions are not too large, Aerostar also easy to be overhauled to support the mobility of transportation by truck, plane and helicopter

(Gilang Perdana)

Aerostar specifications
– Manufacturing: Aeronautics Defense Systems
– Length: 4.5 meters
– Width: 6.5 meter
– Height: 1.2 meters
– Weight: 210 kg
– Maximum speed: 203 km / h
– Cruising speed: 114 km / h
– The speed uphill: 304 meters / minute
– Flying Height: 5,846 meters
– Engine: 1x Zanzottera 498i two-stroke boxer
– Range: 200 km
– Max payload: 50 kg

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