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Remix OS is operating system for personal computer. Remix OS allow PC users to run Android mobile applications on any compatible Intel-based Personal Computer. Remix OS release in January 2016, Jide Technology as developer of  Remix OS. Remix OS based on Android X86 – a X86 port of the android operating system. Remix OS available for download for free from their website. Remix OS beta version for PC brings hard drive installation, 32 bit support, UEFI support and OTA updates. The source code of Remix OS is not available to the public.  Google Mobile Service  were removed from Remix Mini  after Remix OS update 2.0.307 which Jide was claimed to “ensure a consistent experience across all Android device for all”.

Remix OS embodies so much more than just a collection of features composed of binary 0s and 1s. Instead our designers have focused on the culmination of all the infinitesimal experiences in between those 0s and 1s. Embedded deep within every line of code are a set of decisions that were made to give Remix OS both functionality in its purpose and beauty in its aesthetic.

A truly great operating system is one by which the user does not need to know that it’s there. How can we create something noticeably different and special when its very essence is defined by its inconspicuousness? Drawing upon lessons from the beauty of the natural world, we formulated Remix OS 2.0’s three core design principles to guide our design.


Less can be more. With simplicity, we believe there exists a fine line of what’s just right. Erring on the side of caution in either direction often time results in an unusable product. With Remix OS, we distilled what’s important to you by streamlining the complicated and perfecting the simple.


With over 30 years of operating system history, many features and functions have withstood the test of time. In an effort to pay tribute to those who came before us as well as place users in an environment in which they are already comfortable, we’ve endeavored to make Remix OS 2.0 feel like home.


Hardware by nature is inherently cold and inanimate. It is the unique interaction between the hardware and a user made possible through the software that gives these devices life. As such, we want our operating system to be a reflection of the natural world we live in. Inspirations from dynamic forces such as air, water, and light have been intricately weaved into each and every pixel of Remix OS 2.0 so as to make your experience with it that much more alive.

Difference between android with remix OS

Because it is made to support productivity, the Remix OS overhaul Android to be comfortable when used in the PC experience. For that through Remix OS, Jide Technologies adds some features that are commonly encountered on PC to Android, for example:

  1. Multitasking
  2. Notification Area
  3. Multiple Windows
  4. Re-sizable Windows
  5. Maximize and Minimize
  6. Taskbar
  7. Context Menu
  8. Keyboard and Mouse Support
  9. Hybrid Monitor Support
  10. Start Menu
  11. File Manager like in Personal Computer

that’s about Remix OS.

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