Japanese humanoid robot HRP-4C

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The HRP-4C, nicknamed Miim, is a feminine-looking humanoid robot  created by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology  (AIST), a Japanese research facility.

Miim measures 158 centimetres (5 feet, 2 inches) tall and weighs 43 kilos (95 pounds) including a battery pack. She has a realistic head and face, and the figure of an average young Japanese female (based on the 1997–1998 Japanese body dimension database). She can move like a human, utilizing 30 body motors and another eight dedicated to facial expressions. Miim can also respond to speech using speech recognition software, and is capable of recognizing ambient sounds. Miim can also sing, using the vocal synthesizer vocaloid.

Inaugurated in 2009 by the Japanese Institute of Industrial Science and Technology advancement, HRP-4C has a height average statistic Japanese girls. The company is designing a robot with features and applications related to entertainment and fashion business. His first version of the upper body can move realistically, the latest models now have enhanced ability to run more realistic. And with advances in voice recognition software, the robot is able to communicate in a way that is more realistic.

As the name implies, this robot resembles a real human body shape and can dance. Just for today, this new robot can be maneuvered for the upper body such as the hands, and even then it still looks like a rigid movement. Up to now, the robot has undergone some improvements, such as the dance movements, holding the microphone, and adjust to some human movement.

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