Hyperloop Technology on Train

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 Hyperloop Technology on Train

Hyperloop technology on train going to be applied in Indonesia

Discussing about technology improvement in the present, some countries has competed to innovate latest technology to solve transportation problem in future. In the past, people used conventional transportation/standard transportation to go somewhere. Then, it was improved and innovated to be online-based system transportation that help people to be able to reach some place easily and efficiently by ordering online.

Transportation advancement in future is not only involving in online-based system transportation but also connecting in infrastructure technology. Some scientists have innovated latest technology, i.e. superfast mass transportation; which faster than velocity of aeroplane when moving to the destination point. The mass transportation supported with high-speed movement, but the operational fee is more affordable than conventional transportation. The hi-technology transportation is using tunnel as the media track, this concept called Hyperloop; technology of infrastructure that was built similar with train. Elon Musk is the creator of the Hyperloop technology, he stated if Hyperloop is a fusion between Concorde, railgun, and table hockey game


Research and Development of Hyperloop Technology

In 2013, Hyperloop started to be developed in order to support affordable mass transportation for public. Elon Musk made a group to research and raise fund to support in financial of Hyperloop concept development. Elon Musk is a CEO of SpaceX (Space Exploration Technologies Corporation), a company that innovates and develops space transportation in USA. Moreover, this company innovates in the latest breakthrough in transportation and improves the early concepts of Hyperloop. With all of concepts that have been created by Elon Musk, they cooperated with Hyperloop Transportation Technology (HTT) and Hyperloop Technologies Companies, then reforming the name of the cooperation to be Hyperloop One.

We are not about discussing the company; instead, we are discussing the technology of transportation for public that more efficient and simple. Year by year, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies has developed the concept to be better. In 2016, some country has been chosen to start this Hyperloop project. Technology of Hyperloop in the transportation system supported with tunnel as the media track and designed as like train in order to be able to run well on maximal speed. Some countries that have made a cooperation decree to start this Hyperloop technology, i.e.: United Arab Emirates, Slovakia, Czech Republic, France, and Indonesia.

Hyperloop One has cooperated with Indonesia because they have developed the project based on design of Elon Musk’s team. Hyperloop Transportation Technologies has offered Hyperloop to be built in Indonesia. Elon Musk expected if Indonesia would be the first country in South East Asia that has Hyperloop Technology System. Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) has explained if Hyperloop technology will give positive impact and will be more efficient enough to overcome traffic jam in Indonesia. This project has an effective media track, so it would not need much space for heavy-duty vehicles preparation and did not need to do evictions toward citizens around of the project building areas.

Work System of Hyperloop Train

Applied architecture of Hyperloop technology in Indonesia is a technology that using tunnel which works to deliver the tube (train) inside of it. If compared with trains that have coaches, Hyperloop only using one tube for once time travel to the destination point. The tube has equipped with a strong magnetic power to help the tube run well on the track. The tube pressured with lower air pressure to minimize obstructing friction or retarding movement of the capsule.

The hyperloop system machine is using renewable energy; it using solar panel that equipped along the tunnel track and it considered as an efficient energy resources. The hyperloop building project will save budget fee because the development will be applying concrete pillar or pier as the tunnel cantilever.

Realization of Hyperloop Project in Indonesia

A chairperson of Hyperloop, Bibop G. Gresta; is a co – founder at Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Founder Digitalmegics, and TedX Speaker; has visited Indonesia to presenting design of Hyperloop previously. The design covers three routes that have well – prepared in early design. The routes will be connecting Tangerang Regency – Tangerang City, Soekarno Hatta International Airport – Tangerang City and Soekarno Hatta International Airport  Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport.

The project design has accepted by Ministry of Transportation of Indonesia Republic and witnessed by Budi Karya Sumadi, as the Minister of Transportation. This Hyperloop project development has been approved to be developed in the capital city of Indonesia,  Jakarta. Need transportation go on vacation.

Every capslu or tube of Hyperloop technology able to reach 1300 km/h, and it will be similar if Jakarta – Jogjakarta can be reached in only 25 minutes. For each capsule of the Hyperloop will be able to accommodate 40 to 60 people for once trip. This alternative transportation expected to be able to decrease time in travelling if compared by riding motorcycle or driving by car.


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