Endless OS, The New Operating System Of Computer Is Claimed to be Safe From Ransomware Attack

Endless OS

Malware attacks in the form of ransomware against reputable operating system Windows some time ago apparently inspired a computer company based in the United States to create an operating system claims are immune to such attacks. It’s Endless OS, an operating system for computer users, Endless Computer  USA has officially introduced in Indonesia in July 4, 2017.

With the concept as the operating system specifically for developing countries, these operating systems have advantages in terms of security on the claim are immune to various kinds of malware attacks, one of which is a lively medium ransomware lately. According to Septira Taruna, Country Operations of the Endless, ransomware will be hard to break through the Endless operating system OS, it was thanks to the use of OSTree file system that is read only.

Further Septira explains that the system files on other operating systems can be accessed and changed by any user. But unlike the Endless OS, system file OSTree can only be modified through Endless Updater, this makes the Endles OS safe from malware attacks.

In addition, according to Director of Software Engineering Endless Computers, Cosimo Cecchi added, Endless OS is a computer operating system that is built based on the concept of the Sandbox. This technology allows the operating system to keep the system suspicious in the computer remains inactive. This is the main point being that became the criterion with other operating systems that already exist in the market.

In terms of content, the Endles OS is basically a linux-based operating system was already in complete with a variety of popular applications such as application Writer, Spreadsheet, Presentation, email client, and the number of applications to do the job, its function is more or less similar to Microsoft Office on Windows operating system. For social media, Endless OS already installed Browsers to surf like Google Chrome, Firefox, and also social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

For the processor, Endless OS is already compatible with the 64-bit platform from Intel. While the minimal use of RAM needed to run this operating system is 1 GB. This operating system at least spend memory 32 GB for full versions, while essentially requires about 16 GB version.

The Affairs of the graphics card, Endless OS can already walk with integrated cards from Intel. So also with wireless connectivity, these operating systems can work well for Atheros, Broadcom, and Realtek.  Not only that, for entertainment and game play, the operating system also supports with the well-known PC gaming platform Steam. So forall you fans of PC games can play a number of popular games that can be downloaded for free from the Valve’s proprietary platform.

If you are interested and would like to try downloading these operating systems, you can visit their official site which is located at https://endlessos.com/id for more information.

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