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Innovation and improvement in engineering technology is a biggest challenge in Indonesia, especially in national banking for future competition. Applying digital technology in daily activities of banking is the biggest breakthrough to encourage good performance and improve growth of finance service. Banking digital era will bring new mindset and change the attitude for clients or the bank.

Technology in banking using a system that called distributed system: a number of independent computers linked by a network; this system able to give continuously benefits by applying intelligent and technology in every bank. New application of this technology will minimize operational fee and gain more clients in order to increase profits.

Now, we could be proud because of technology development that has been innovated and used by public to attract new client. Latest technology in banking service by using hybrid technology for banking activities, one of the banks in Indonesia that used this technology is Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI). E-Banking Hybrid Lounge can assist and help client to do their transaction activities easily, and open new account savings. The hybrid machine can speeding up the process in creating new account savings, it is only in 4 minutes. It would be faster if compared with usual Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) when processing simple and limited transactions.


E-Banking Hybrid Machine is an automatic machine to assist and help clients in creating new account saving digitally. New client just touch the hybrid machine with the confirmed e-KTP (electronic ID card) in seconds. The hybrid machine will automatically get the clients data information by accessing NIK (National Identity Number). After the machine creating new account of the client, the machine will issue ATM card and the card can be used after it.

New account registration using e-KTP because e-KTP saving personal data clearly and registered in server system. PT. LEN Industri (Persero) developing e-KTP system device that called Kiosk Self Service Smart Device for E-banking Hybrid Lounge to read provided personal data in e-KTP.

System inside of hybrid machine can process transaction that was done by client, such as printing banking statement, deposit account, cash deposit, transferring toward different bank, pin changing, doing payment transaction, applying credit card, applying BRI Prioritas service and others menu that available in ATM also available in Hybrid machine. All of service system is completed with e-channel service and self-service banking facility.

Subheading : HYBRID SYSTEM

Hybrid system is refer to combination of different system, two system or more, to minimize the lack, so it will be on alternative or solution to optimize the operating system. The hybrid system used to support system performance and the content’s abilities is word better and easier to be used if compared with other system. Hybrid system can encourage transaction activities to be more efficient for a good service in banking.

This hybrid machine is a combination between ATM (Automatic Teller Machine), CDM (cash Deposit Machine), EDC (Electronic Data Capture), and Internet Banking.

The weakness of the machine is the process of picking up the printed book is still served by the back office staff or teller staff that available behind the outlet. So, activities in banking is not completely done by machine human interaction in this banking activities is helping the machine to do the process well, and giving data information more accurate to give best satisfaction for the client.

Technology of Hybrid machine in e-banking hybrid lounge was designed luxuriously and elegant with capacitive touchscreen. With hi-technology hybrid machine device banking activities, it is expected to simplify, give high protection yet give pleasure in transaction activities effectively and efficiently

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