5 Weapon Strangest Secret buried American Military

It’s no secret that the military and intelligence agencies the United States has many unique secret technologies, terrible, or could also say strange.

Here are five secret weapons the US military who finally revealed to the public:

5. The military base on the moon

Before the civil institutions send the first astronauts to the lunar surface in 1969, two US military organizations have a plan to build a military post located on the moon.

In 1959, the US Army devised a plan to build a military base manned by US space forces in moon. The plan was named “Project Horizon“.

In addition, the US Air Force has also submitted a proposal to build aLunar-Based Earth Bombardment System”, a weapons system based on the moon that could be used to bomb the Earth.

In 1959 a US physicist Leonard Reiffel also proposed a plan to explode a nuclear bomb in months. In an interview with The New York Times in 2010, Reiffel claimed that the purpose of the mission is to create the world captivated by the power of the US military.”

4. Area 51area 51

Area 51 is one of the areas most caught the attention of fans of conspiracy theories and alien enthusiast in the world. Remote Nevada desert in the US it is often referred to as a base to hide aliens and in fact linked as a shamanic activity.

In July 2013 a CIA secret document which eventually raised to the public. explained that Area 51 is an area to test the aircraft spy US military, including the U-2 aircraft were famous.

Area 51 itself is one of the military bases of the most heavily guarded in the US.

3. Force hypnosis

During the Cold War, the US intelligence agency, the CIA, initiated “Project MKULTRA“. It is a project to develop a super army, which is capable of controlling the mind of the enemy.

These troops are expected to hypnotize, biologic agents, and drugs to influence and take control of opponent’s mind, so that it can be controlled to benefit the US.

In 1973, CIA director Richard Helms, ordered that the documents related to Project MK-Ultra destroyed. But a formal investigation related to the program that was held two years later and succeeded in revealing the information about it.

The film “The Manchurian Candidate and The Men Who Stare at Goats is based on this project.

2. Cats become secret agent

A report from 1967 shows that the CIA spent millions of dollars to train a pet cat becomes a spy agency in the Soviet Union. The program is called “Acoustic Kitty”. In the program the cats planted with spy equipment and trained to infiltrate the Soviet essential facilities.

This program is more fully described in a note in the US national archives center.

1. The Flying Saucer

In 2012 the US Air Force opened a large number of secret documents. One of them talks about “Project 1794. This project is about US plans to build a flying saucer-like aircraft to shoot down the bombers of the Soviet Union.

The program which started in 1950 aims to make flying saucers capable of racing at speeds equivalent to four times the speed of sound (Mach 4) and capable of reaching an altitude of 30 480 meters. The project cost about $ 3 million at the time, equivalent to 26 million dollars at the moment.

The project was canceled in December 1961 after the trial is known that the flying saucer is unstable and difficult to control when racing at high speed

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