Understanding Web Server is a Data Service Application..

Web Server Is?
Maybe for those of you who just entered the world of web developers confused about the web server. Well, in this article, we will discuss about web server.

Understanding web serverisA data service application used to receive data or information from HTTP or HTTPS on the client. And after that we send back, but the form of an HTML-based document.

How Web Server Works?
The workings of the webserveris actually quite complicated, but there’s nothing wrong if we review it more deeply. Basically, the workings of this web like a machine, where the machine serves as a container of a software that works to send web pages to the user.

And there is also how other web servers work, namely by connecting the web server with the internet web browser. This method basically combines computer networks that exist in this corner of the world. Well, then after all the parts or things that have been in need to connect (such as TCP protocol, IP, or networking protocol), then most likely already can be used, which means that all computers in the world are able to communicate.

Okay we will go to a more “in” explanation. When the browser requires website data needed to the server, of course, the requested data required the browser will automatically enter into TCP, then the data that already exist in TCP will be sent to the address (in the sense HTTP or extension is Hyper Text Transfer Protocol.
What is the Web Server Function?
Okay wasTechnological Articlesi .comalready discussed about how the work of the web server, now let’s discuss what is the function of the web server? Actually, this web server has a main function, which is useful for sending or transfering user request files (or if diartikena become Indonesian language that is user request file) through communication protocol which has been arranged before.

Well, the data sent can be text only, video, then also can image or image, then file or file, and others. In essence, the web server serves to send data in the form of text, video, images, and various other media.

Well, here are the types of web servers, among them are:
• Apache Web Server / The HTTP Web Server
• Microsoft Windows Server 2008 IIS (Internet Information Services)
• Lighttpd
• Zeus Web Server
• Sun Java System WebServer
• Apache Tomcat
Okay, in this section we will take a conclusion that I have summarized from the explanation about the web server that I have described above.

The conclusion is, we can access a website with super fast and we have internet connection which is also super fast, but need to know that, how fast our internet connection, want it 1 MB per second, 10 MB per second, or 100 GB per Seconds will not be able to access the website if there is a problem in sending data to the website that is accessed.

So if there are obstacles or problems on the web server, of course we will not be able to access the website. Well, so many of this article I submit, hopefully this article or information can help.

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