Understanding What is Domain and Hosting

What is domain and hosting? – We all certainly never visited a website is not it? Whether it’s a school website or educational website, social media websites like Facebook and Twitter, or it could be a personal blog. Then do you ever think if you want to create a cool website? There must be.

Actually, making the website is easy but of course there is capital. But the capital is fairly small.

All you need is domain and hosting. What is domain and hosting? Well, for the answer we will just discuss it, this he understanding domain and hosting.
What is a Domain?
Domain is basically a website name in internet. Just like us, we are born with a name do not we? Of course. And most people when naming their children do not want the same as the existing name is not it? Of course, that’s the domain. When you create a website, and you plan to order or buy a domain, of course you can not name your domain with the existing one on the internet.

What does it mean? That is, if you want to create a website with domain name akusaya.com, then it turns out before you already have someone else who already has a website berdomain akusaya.com, then of course you will not be able to buy domain akusaya.com because previously there have been those who have The domain.

Domains also have certain levels. Well here are reviews of domain levels.
• TOP Level Domain
TOP Level Domain has two types, namely gTLD (Global Level Domain), and another named ccTLD (Country Code Top Level Domain). For gTLD, the domain name is “stand-alone”, here is a list of gTLD domains:
1. .com
2. .net
3. .org
4. .edu
5. .gov
6. .mil
7. .info
Well, while for the ccTLD domain, here is the list:
1. .id
2. .co.id
3. .web.id
4. .my.id
5. .ac.id
6. .sch.id
7. .or.id
I assume you already know the difference from ccTLD with gTLD yes.
Apaitu Hosting
Okay, now we will switch to review or discuss about hosting. Previously, do you know flashdisk or haddisk? Of course you know. Both devices are used to store data instead? Well so is with hosting. Hosting is a place where later your website data such as articles, pictures, coding-template template will be stored in the hosting.

Simply put, hosting is a “digital flash” for website owners. Without hosting, of course we can not create a website, because hosting is a place where all the data needed for a website will be stored in the hosting.

Before you buy a hosting, make sure the hosting has a qualified specification for your website needs. Specifications that are important in a hosting to build a website include:
1. Spaceor hosting capacity.
2. Bandwidth, Bandwidth, a capacity used to measure the number of visitors to your website. So I suggest to choose a hosting that has a large bandwidth. Oiya, Bandwidth is usually every month in the reset
3. Database, I also recommend to choose a hosting that supports large databases, because this database is used to determine the amount of data you can save.
Thus the discussion of understanding What is Domain and Hosting.

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