Man has always been created by God with their respective advantages and disadvantages, and has endowed human rights namely the ultimate right given by God YME from birth to each person who must be protected and appreciated by all people.
With this rapid and rapid technological advancement, humans are flocking to the flow of life’s journey that is demanding them toward an increasingly easy time. While the ancient times everything is still very simple and when it wants to do something or need something more difficult because it is hindered by that simplicity, because it has not been invented and the creation of technologies that can easily help human needs.

Humans who do not understand the technology are required to learn and use it, so they are not considered as one of the outdated people. Why is that? .., because in this era of technology is a primary need that must be met to help and facilitate people in all fields.
Now this is a major trend in one of the existing technology is Gadgets, such as: Handpone, tablets, laptops, cameras and others. As if the gadgets were the food of all the good men of all circles, men of women, big and small, old and easy, they all always follow the current technological developments at this time.
Indeed gadgets are a feature to simplify all the needs and activities of humans, so popular and a choice of various circles, especially among students at this time, with reasons that can facilitate the students to: Access information, add insight, as a lifestyle and self-existence . They assume that gadgets are now like their own friends, how not, because gadgets have applications and updates from day to day that make human life can be said more instantly.
Many students are using their school gadgets, such as: HP Android, laptops and the like, because it can not be denied again that the present presence is very helpful and useful for them, one of them in the learning process.
The benefits of gadgets for the students include:
1. Helping the students in doing school work
With existing facilities in the gadget, students can easily search for referrals or even be able to find information for tasks that carry them easily so that it is quickly resolved.

2. Facilitate communication
With the gadget we can make long-distance communication without bothering to write letters such as ancient communications before the creation of tools that facilitate us in communicating. In addition, such students have less understood tasks can be asked to his friends quickly through the media gadget or so on. The existence of social media such as: facebook, twitter, email, blogs, BBM, whatshap and others also, make young people today easier to find friends from distant regions though.
3. As a refreshing medium
With the gadgets they have can be used as a refreshing medium as well as entertainment when they are tired and saturated after completing their tasks. Like playing games, social media and others.
4. Accessing information
Information becomes very important for every learner, therefore with their gadgets can more easily open various sites to find the information they need. In addition they will not miss the actual news that is being talked about.
5. Existence of self
For students who have the ability to write, they can create stories or write about their experiences in social media so as to channel their abilities. So the work can be read and known to many people. Did not rule out they could become one of the inspirators who recognized the world.

Hopefully this same brief article write is useful for my friends. [DS]

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