Development of mobile phones

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Phone ‘Banana’
This phone is called a ‘banana’ phone because of its large and thick shape like a banana. Equipped with an external antenna, this phone can be used to communicate via phone calls and SMS.

Yellow Screen Phone
Along with changing needs, the size of the phone was trimmed to small. At this time, the small yellow screen phone is widely used. One of the latest features of this era is monophonic. In addition, the phone was already equipped with a simple little game like Snake and Memory.

Blue Screen Phone
The blue screen phone has a more modern model than a pre-existing yellow screen phone. Monophonic features were replaced by a polyphonic feature where the resulting ringtone has more tones. At this time a lot of scattered polyphonic sellers and wallpaper.

Color Screen Phone
Early appearance of this color screen phone can be said to mark the beginning of the era of advanced mobile phones. The first color screen phone comes with a regular model, almost the same as previous phones. At this time famous game Bounce, Bowling and Racing embedded in the phone.

Phones with External Memory 1
Because urged by the increasing human needs, came the first mobile-phone that carries external memory features. Where these phones are also equipped with a camera at the same time can store some of the images in external memory. At this time, mobile phones with external memory are very prestige. Therefore many young people who use mobile phones like this.

Phones with External Memory 2
At this age is famous a Nokia mobile phone output that is Nokia 6600 and 7610. Where both are pioneer of mobile phone with bigger external memory up to 1GB. Camera features also have a much better quality than previous camera phones.

Here is the beginning of the emergence of smartphones, the phone that can be used for internetan and so on. At this time can be said is almost no one who uses the old phone like yellow screen phone.

The emergence of BlackBerry is the end of the era for Nokia. The development of Nokia mobile phone technology is considered ‘gitu gitu aja’ defeated by BlackBerry with BBM feature. At this time almost everyone is tempted by BlackBerry phones.

Apple phones get the image as a sophisticated and expensive phone. Using this phone is an incredible prestige at the beginning of the appearance of this phone in the midst of the popularity of BlackBerry. Some BlackBerry mobile users are beginning to switch to using the iPhone as their smart phone.

Not long ago from the emergence of Apple with the iOS platform, a new platform is emerging Android. Many Android phones are priced much cheaper than IOS platform mobile phones on the market. Coupled with the proliferation of mobile phone variants from Samsung that dominate the Android market, making BlackBerry users also moved the heart.

Until now Android phones can be said to dominate most of the smartphone market share, followed by iPhone and BlackBerry diurutan last. The smart phone is currently growing quite rapidly with various types of advanced processors that make the performance of mobile phones become faster, the camera with a very large resolution to RAM and external memory is quite large.

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